Susi Hyldgaard
CD 9140-2 
Susi Hyldgaard

Susi Hyldgaard –vocals ,piano, accordion, synth.; Gunnar Halle – tp
Johannes Lundberg – bass; Lisbeth Diers – percussion;

1. Intro 2.Isn´t A Terribly Foolish Thing 3.In The Fog 4.Not Me 5.Elvira 6. She´s Free 7.Woo Woo Woo 8. Who Says 9. Mummy 10. Sex Is Out Of The Question 11. Beautiful Baloon 12. Homesweethome 13. Dance With Me 14. Softly Tread 15 There Is A Place

All compositions by Susi Hyldgaard
Recorded at Soundtrack (Copenhagen) Engineered by Pelle Giøbel


Homesweethome is the name of Susi Hyldgaards new CD.
The CD is a comment on the private sphere which we wish could emcompass all things and withstand almost anything.

Homesweethome is a place that does not always live up to our expectations and sometimes has difficulty competing with the homes of others where everything appears to function better.

The CD contains 15 songs. Its starting point is the smaller and larger expectations to love and life in general. It delves deep into the waves of solitude yet retains a streif of bitter sweet laughter.

Susi Hyldgaard’s new album contains a touch of Cassandra Wilson and Joni Mitchell, a crazy 60's band, a melancholic accordeon player, a pedal freak of a trumpeter and finally a pinch of Jazz n' poetry.

The band express the songs with deep involvement and an adventurous use of their instruments. After intensive touring in both Canada and Europe it is obvious that this is indeed a band with a unique sound and great example of what jazz can sound like in 2002.

Homesweethome is the third solo CD from Susi Hyldgaard. The two previous CD's My Female Family and Something Special Just For You (Best New Name in Jazz Grammy Award 2000) had a lot of publicity and great reviews both in and outside of Denmark. Among her sources of inspiration you will find a great variety of artists from lyrical jazz masters like Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek to the classics like Bach and Debussy. In recent years the electronic/acoustic scene has caught her attention with names such as Lamb, Massive Attack, Moloko and Lamchop amongst her favourites. When she has not been touring with her own band she has taken time off to take some musical adventures, eg. a couple of duo concerts in France and Denmark with NHØP and concerts with Nils Landgren. She also composes film scores and finds the work with directors and pictures a pleasant change from performing. This spring she has worked together with Mikael Mantler in his version of Paul Austers "Hide and Seek" which has been performed as a theatre play in Copenhagen and Berlin. The music to ”Hyde and Seek” has been released on ECM records and features Robert Wyatt and Susi Hyldgaard.

The Band:
Johannes Lundberg - Double bass (S)
Besides being one of the most exciting bass players in Scandinavia, Lundberg is an excellant sound engineer and composer with several CD's behind him. He plays in a very melodic style with strong expression and has an awareness on stage the others can only dream of. He is the favourite  bass player of many Scandinavian singers but tours mostly with Billy Cobham.

Lisbeth Diers - Percussion and Drums (DK)
She is a magician on anything that rattles or can be hit and she dances the best 70's shimmy in town. She´s a musician who's commitment can never be questioned and she has the temper and responsiveness of a great artist. She has also worked and recorded with a great many musicians - Marilyn Mazur, Nils Landgren, Trilok Gurtu, Lena Willemark, Django Bates, Airto Moreira, Don Elias, Steve Swallow, Palle Danielson, Bobo Stenson.

Gunnar Halle - Trumpet (N)
Gunnar Halle has the ability to perform miricales with his trumpet, caressing every melody and phrase. His interest in the electronic music scene has inspired him to use pedals and loops in combination with his trumpet playing which can also heard on Homesweethome. He is a very popular trumpet player within the Danish underground scene and travels all over the world with Pierre Dørge and New Jungle Orchestra.

Homesweethome is a living organism that will sneak up on the listener. It is a CD you have to have if you like the kind of music that makes a difference.

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