Susi Hyldgaard
CD 9144-2 

Karin Krog
where you at?

Karin Krog - vocal; Steve Kuhn - piano; David Finck - bass; Bill Drummond - drums
Produced by John Surman
Recorded November 2002 in New York

1. The Meaning of Love 5:41 2. Where You At 3:51 3. Lazy Afternoon 4:28 4. It Could Be Hip 5:20 5. Speak of Love 4:26
6. Canto Mai 5:32 7. Saharan 7:34 8. You Say You Care 3:31 9. Kaleidoscopic Vision 4:31 10. Missing Calada 4:03
Gloomy Sunday 4:06

Karin Krog is perhaps Norway's leading jazz singer and certainly its most idiomatic. She is a unique song artist with a great international reputation and possesses her own recognizable style and voice. Her constant creative approach towards contemporary jazz has never been bound by tradition, even though her music bears a deep respect for its forms. Karin is equally a capable performer of jazz standards as of blues or electronic experimental techniques.
Her career began to take off with international tours, with noticeable visits to Warszaw and Prague in 1966, and in 1967 to Hamburg and Berlin, as well as the USA with Don Ellis and Clare Fischer. That same year she also appeared in Brussels and the following year in Montreux. Also in 1967 she received the first place nomination for "Artist Deserving of Wider Recognition" in Down Beat critic's poll's. This resulted in tours of Europe in 1969 and Japan in 1970 with the Down Beat Poll Winners.
During most of the 1970's she worked in small combinations, duos and trios, with prominent foreign musicians like John Surman, Red Mitchell, Dexter Gordon, Artie Shepp.
Karin Krog's merits could easily fill pages. She is no stranger to awards, which include "Some other spring" and " Hi-Fly" being elected as "Vocal Record of the Year" for 1971 and '77 respectively, by the well-known Japanese periodical "Swing Journal". She picked up the Oslo Council Artist Award (1981), and continued with her performances at festivals abroad: Hong Kong 1975, India in 1975 and1978, Australia in 1985, Hungary in 1989, USSR in 1990, Djakarta in 1992, Bulgaria in 1994, Umbria 1994, Beijing 1996, London Jazzfestival 1996, Leipzig Jazzfestival in 2000, and Berlin Jazzfestival in 2001. She participated at Jazz Yatra in India for the second time in 2002.In 2001 Universal Japan released a compilation "Karin's Voyage". In 2002 Krog released another compilation "Raindrops, Raindrops" on the label Crippled Dick Hot Wax, as well as a remix of one of the tracks by Mathew Herbert.


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