Susi Hyldgaard
CD 9153-2 

Adel Salameh

Adel Salameh (oud,vocal); Naziha Azzouz (vocal); Mohammad Zaftari (violin); Bruno Sansaloun (cl,bcl); Dahman Khalfa (perc) Negrito Trasante (drums);
Recorded and mixed by Jean - Louis Dias at Abao Studio, Lyon.
All music composed and arranged by Adel Salameh

1. Hulm 2. Setti 3. Sur la route de L Algerie 4. missing you 5. Tariq
6. Mina 7. La route du Bonheur 8. Douce Brise 9. Parfum d Orient

Palestinian oud player and composer Adel Salameh was born in Nablus, Palestine, in 1966, he started performing as a soloist while still living in the Arab World, but came to Europe in 1990 where he quickly established a reputation as one of the finest performers of the oud, Adel has worked with Womad/Real World for 6 years and performed at the most prestige´s concert halls in Europe, Royal Festival Hall, Barbican Centre in London, Concertgebouw, Royal Tropical Institue, Paradiso in Amsterdam , Theatre d´ Single (Antwerpen) Belguim, The Institute of the Arab World in Paris, The Opera House and the Auditorium in Lyon, also performed at many festivals through out the World. He has been described as the ambassador of Arab music in the West.

"London´s (and Palestine´s) finest oud player. Salameh´s inventive style draw deeply on his own arab tradition as well as wider musical influences...repays repeated listening" SONGLINES - sultans of the oud "...a swooning confluence of ancient and modern Middle Eastern and North African music which streams samlessly through a stark framework of oud and pattering drums, with Azzouza´s vocals flating with melancholic edge, like a sad curl of memory." The Guardian "Salameh and Azzouz create their own style, which thrills both jazzfans and lovers of mediteranean music" Suleman Taufiq.

Naziha Azzouz was born in Algeria and moved to France at the age of 12. She started singing the old Andalucian music at a very early age and performed in Algeria, France, Morocco, U.K. Canada. In 1998 Naziha met with Adel to study Arab music, i.e. the music of the orient, which has nothing to do with North African music. Since That Naziha & Adel have worked together and recorded 2 c.d.s, Nuzha & Kanza. Last year they have toured all over the U.K., Europe and Morocco. Naziha has also worked with medieval groups. Her voice has been described by the French news paper ( Le Monde) as this is no ordinary voice, this voice is coming from Paradise.
Jorge "Negrito" Trasante has worked for 20 years with Gipsy Kings. He is considerd to be one of the finest drum players in France. Bruno Sansalone has worked with many groups in both the Jazz world and traditional music f.e. with Renaud Garcia-Fons.
Dahman Khalfa is a percussion player from Algeria, he is specialised in Shaabi Algerian music. Mohammed Zaftari is a very open minded musician from Morocco, he plays both classical and traditional Arab music. He has also worked with many different groups from different background.

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