Susi Hyldgaard
CD 9156-2 

Dalia Faitelson
Moveable Clouds

Dalia Faitelson - guitars and vocal; Lelo Nika - accordion; Anders Banke -saxes and clarinets; Thommy Andersson - bass; Ayi Solomon - percussion; Kristian Jørgensen - violin; Toke Møldrup - cello; Anders Hentze (track 1, 3 & 8) - drums; Studio Strings (track 2 & 7) - string quartet;

Dalia Faitelson was born in the Negev Desert of Israel to a Bulgarian mother and Israeli father. Her first impressions were of blazing sun, open space and the shades of the color brown. These impressions will follow her always:
Through out Dalia´s musical career her idea has been to create a truly global sound by trying to reach a natural fusion between top professional musicians from diverse cultural background. A unique blend of, "East meets West." Subtle and sublime. Oriental rhythm woven together with elements of ethnic; jazz; Middle Eastern and rock.
Dalia´s local band "Common Ground" includes: Dalia Faitelson (guitars, vocal), Lelo Nika (accordion), Thommy Andersson (bass) and Ayi Solomon (percussion).

The band has been touring and recording under the name "Dalia Faitelson´s Global Sound" with international names as: Randy Brecker, Jerry Bergonzi, Adam Nussbaum, Chris Cheek and Manolo Badrena.

"Global Sound" won the Danish Grammy award 2000 for their first album release "Diamond Of The Day".

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