CD 9198-2


Kalle Kalima - guitar
Oliver Potratz - bass
Oliver Steidle - drums

Special Guest:
Jimi Tenor - Vocals, Flute, Photofon, Keyboards


1. 120 K on a Water Slide – 2:37  2. Loru – 8:54  3. Mexico City Drive School – 5:51  4. Mamapapa – 6:07
5. A Message on Dave Holland´s Answering Machine – 11:42  6. Sneaking in the Attic – 8:26  7. Polonium Polka Putina – 3:21
8. Ghosts, Spirits and Other Nonscientific Forms of Blues – 4:19  9. The Missing Page 1964 – 4:54  10. Tomorrow – 5:25
All compositions by Kalle Kalima

With their debut album "Chasing Yellow" Klima Kalima established a prominent role as the creative spearhead of Berlin’s "young jazz lions". "Loru" now proofs that they really deserve the reputation of being one of the most entertaining, original and adventurous guitar trios of today!
The band around Finnish guitarist and composer Kalle Kalima combines outrageous improvising and cool structioning, complex composing and a strong sense for ludicrous humor. With the help of nu-jazz pioneer Jimi Tenor Klima Kalima’s new album is a treat for listeners with "big" ears.
In 2008 Klima Kalima won the valuable Neuer Deutsche Jazzprize

"Kalima is at the moment the most interesting Finnish composer and guitarist...Free, funny with a lot of facettes..."
Jukka Hauru, Helsingin Sanomat, 27.9.09

Presenting a combination of reckless abandon and structural thinking, Kalle Kalima is one of the most fascinating Finnish musicians at the moment. ...the guitarist has managed to formulate a unique sound both as a musician and as a tunesmith.
HELSINKI HAPPENS, Petri Silas, Finnland, 01/01

...with his guitars Kalle Kalima proves to be a far reaching story-telling talent.
JAZZPODIUM Nr. 2, Frithjof Strauß, 02/01

"Kalima reveals that he has absorbed a wealth of influences over his 35 years, citing particularly Frank Zappa, Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, Mingus and Ligeti, not to mention his former local mentors and composers, bassist Teppo Hauta-Aho and guitarist Raoul Björkenheim. With a palette encompassing such variety it is truly inspiring to listen to a musician who has expanded his own resources into a composer's ample toolkit, and yet still retains his individual touch and style. Keep it up Kalle!"
Anthony Shaw, All About Jazz, 14.10.2009

..Kalle Kalima is smart, humorful and extremely versatile musician...
Ralf Dombrowski, Süddeutsche Zeitung 02.02.08

"Loru" is Finnish and means "a riddle". The riddle in this tune is actually a musical tongue-twister. The idea with tongue-twisters is to start slow and then get faster. At some point your tongue gets twisted and it is hard to say the riddle correctly. Some grown-ups get their tongues twisted chemically. In this tune we do tongue twisting musically and without words. To get the feeling here is a nice Finnish tongue-twister for you: Appilan pappilan apupapin papupata pankolla kiehuu ja kuohuu. (Bean casserole of the deacon of the rectory of Appila (name of a place) boils and bubbles on the oven.)

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