CD 9704-2


Ulrich Drechsler - Bass Clarinet
Rina Kašinari - Cello
Christof Unterberger - Cello
J÷rg Mikula - Drums

Ulrich Drechsler established himself as one of the most ambigous and unpredictable musicians in Europe. He stormed the international Jazz and Clubcharts, amongst others with the Nu Jazz Trio "Cafe Drechsler" with whom he was awarded the Austrian Amadeus Music Award in 2005.
He played touching ballads with piano player extraordinaire Tord Gustavson (CD 'humans & places', 2006), indulged into delicate dialogues with his Daily Mysteries Trio (CD 'Daily Mysteries, 2007), interpreted Thelonious Monk and Franz Schubert's 'Winterreise' in a spectacular new way and furthermore also works as a film composer.

The Album "Concinnity"

"Concinnity" - the harmonic equilibrium between elegance and acuteness on one hand and emotion and intensity on the other, forms the base for Ulrich Drechsler's new album. All aspects being greatly significant in his music.
Additionally here, the unique, unusual instrumentation consisting of two celli, a bass clarinet and the drums, which stretches sound into new dimensions.
On the album "Concinnity" Ulrich Drechsler combines his scandinavian, oriental, classical and club music influences, which generates pure energy that contains the best of his music: catchy melodies, enormous soundlandscapes and unresistable rythm.

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