CD 9717-2

"Beyond Words"

Ulrich Drechsler - bass clarinet
Benny Omerzell - piano
Lukas König - drums & percussion
Efrat Alony - vocals

Ulrich Drechsler established himself as one of the most ambigous and unpredictable musicians in Europe. He stormed the international Jazz and Clubcharts, amongst others with the Nu Jazz Trio „Cafe Drechsler“ with whom he was awarded the Austrian Amadeus Music Award in 2005.He played touching ballads with piano player extraordinaire Tord Gustavson (CD 'humans & places', 2006), indulged into delicate dialogues with his Daily Mysteries Trio (CD 'Daily Mysteries, 2007), interpreted Thelonious Monk and Franz Schubert's 'Winterreise' in a spectacular new way and furthermore also works as a film composer.

'Beyond Words' – where the power of words terminates, there begins the world of music – no frontiers, unambiguous. The possibility to reach people in an authentic and direct way and to touch them emotionally is an integral part of Ulrich Drechsler’s music.

Intimacy, energy, passion and love – that’s what is most important to Drechsler and totally fulfils what he demands from music. And with the intimate instrumentation consisting of bass clarinet, piano and drums, he is capable of expressing it all.

On 'Beyond Words' Drechsler’s compositions reach completely new dimensions and significance. This is the outcome of working together with a new generation of musicians with a fresh and ingenuous approach to music.

The Austrian piano player Benny Omerzell combines tremendous musicality with brilliant technique and sensitivity to the case. And Lukas König is able to turn everything into music that comes to his hands. He creates sounds that go way beyond the common possibilities of playing the drums.

In addition to that, the music on 'Beyond Words' gains extra dimension and depth due to the extraordinary deep singing of Efrat Alony, the Israely singer that lives in Berlin, who cooperated on two pieces. The homogeneity that emanates from her voice in combination with Ulrich Drechsler’s bass clarinet makes one think that they have been working together ever since.

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