Sublime & Jun Miyake - LUDIC
CD yeb-7712-2

Sublime & Jun Miyake

Sublime - vocals
Jun Miyake - piano, trumpet, samples
Hitoshi Watanabe - bass
Hideo Yamaki - drums
Masahiro Itami - guitar
Vinicius Cantuaria - guitar, percussion
Dario Miyamoto - sax
Yoshyaki Sato - accordion
Aska Kaneko Group - strings
Peter Scherer - piano
Hitoshi Hamada - vibraphone
a. o.


1. Feria  2. Minerale  3. Mêm’ pas peur!  4. Permettez Please  5. Chinchilla  6. Ludic’
7. Chiquito  8. Chat Soupir  9. Thriller Latina  10. Au Clair De Lune  11. Tokyo je t’aime  12. Je trace

Ludic documents the meeting of Tokyo based French singer Sublime and Paris based and world renowned Japanese composer Jun Miyake. They create a subtile mix of exotic and sophistication, French charme and Japanese perfection. Unexpected stories packed with erotic and glamour !
Jun Miyake was discovered by jazz trumpet player Terumasa Hino. He started his career as a jazz musician after graduation from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. As an artist, he cast light on the blind spots of the times and in addition to his chiselled performance stood out as a composer. He has been commissioned on numerous occasions to compose and produce music for TV commercials, film, animation, documentary and contemporary dance. Some of his more than 2500 productions for TV advertising won prizes at events like the Cannes International Advertising Festival and the London Effects & Animation Festival, to name just a few. He has been acclaimed worldwide for his characteristically hybrid sound and was invited to contribute to the productions of Pina Bausch, Robert Wilson, Philippe Decoufle, Oliver Stone, Jean Paul Goude, Katsuhiro Otomo and many more. Throughout his genre-straddling career, he has collaborated with musicians like Hal Willner, Arto Lindsay, David Byrne, Grace Jones, Arthur H. and Vinicius Cantuaria, amongst others.
He moved his base to Paris in autumn, 2005. His work is highly creative and carries subtle energy. He won the distinction of Best Album of the Year 2008 in French and German music magazines and the Grand Prix of the German Record Critics Award 2008 for his latest album “Stolen from Strangers” (yeb-7706). He was also selected "Man of 2009" by the great and internationally established French department store Galeries Lafayette.

Some albums creep up on you, with seductive tunes and enigmatic lyrics, while others demand to be admitted into your life with clattering rhythms and grandiose gestures, like a noisy, long-lost relative. Stolen From Strangers, by Japanese arranger Jun Miyake, is your new best friend - one who drops by for tea and ends up cooking a meal. And washing up. It sounds right in any context: loud, soft, in the kitchen, while travelling, on the radio. If I had a vinyl version, it would never leave my turntable. Each track is full of delight, from the bossa-flavoured Alviverde to the schmaltzy Niji Wa Tohku. En route we get the trippy tHe heRe aNd afTer, Le Voyageur Solitaire (nu-chanson meets Bulgarian voices) and the heart-tugging 'est-ce que tu peux me voir. Whether Miyake is the new Gil Evans or merely the new Bacharach, he's made a fantastic album.
The Guardian

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