CD yeb-7718-2


Michel Godard - tuba, serpent, bass guitar
Franck Tortiller - vibraphone, marimba
Patrice Heral - percussion, voices
Roberto Petronio - texts, photographs

Music and Rituals of Wine is the issue of this phantasic trio plus Oenologist Roberto Petronio (a member of the tasting committee of the Revue du Vin – the first magazine devoted to European wines).

“Both wine and music share a common purpose in their identical capacity to lead us to the depths of a singular experience via a path that is often quite personal. Merely a sound, or even a refrain can move us, as does a fragrance of a flavour in the aroma of a succulent nectar. Such fundamental feelings and joys are the inseparable companions of life’s pleasures.

Harmony, vibration, balance, intensity, pleasure are words which apply to the world of wine as they do to that of music. If their links do not seem obvious at first glance, the texture of wine often conjures up an image, a tune or the musical landscape of a composition.

Have you never felt something akin to the resonance of a low-pitched sound when the rich and heavy matter of wine vibrates from the palate to your innermost being, like a rumble produced through its dense plasticity?
Have you never felt a wine, with it’s transparent ruby and it’s acidulate taste accented by fine and biting mineral notes, whisk through you like a sax sharp note slowly blown to an apex and then held lower and lower until heard no more?
Wine and music vibrate with the energy of their times, sometimes seeking modernity, or at other moments delving deeply back into their roots and traditions which claim to be timeless. If music is nourished by notes, by major or minor chords, wine has to make “do” with simple grapes growing out of a “sol”, that will determine it’s pedigree. But they both will always be guided by the rituals and intentions that are attached to them.”

Roberto Petronio

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